Standing Seam Metal

You can have a standing seam metal roof, which has a sleek aesthetic, outstanding performance, and a long lifespan—everything you could desire in a roof. A hidden fixed roof design called standing seam metal roofing has vertical ribs with a flat area or pan in between. One roof panel’s side edges are zipped or seamed together with the adjacent roof panels along their whole length.

With the use of specifically created clips or clamps, the roof panels are fastened to the secondary members, such as purlins. The concealed fastening technique helps to deliver improved wind uplift resistance and weather tightness without the need for piercing fasteners.


Snap-Lock Metal

Modern architectural advances are well-matched to Snaplock’s current profile. Snaplock’s straightforward installation process, which resembles Standing Seam in appearance but doesn’t require specialized tools, is a well-liked substitute for installers and builders without access to Standing Seam seam closure machinery.

With their ability to “snap” together, Snaplock panels provide quick installation. For homes and businesses, Snaplock is a high-quality snap-together standing seam solution. The system’s simplicity enables an easy installation procedure. Each panel attaches using hidden clips.


Although installing a cupola has several benefits, most attics do not need one. In order to provide ventilation at the very top of the house, a cupola is functional. A cupola may do a lot to relieve the heat that builds up in the attic since hot air naturally rises. However, the majority of cupolas constructed today are purely ornamental.

Couplas give a lovely accent and a nod to old-time architecture. A cupola is a enclosed structure with openings on roofs and have three parts: a base, a vent, and a cap. 


Witch Hats

The witches hat ventilates the attic by letting out hot air in the summer and moisture in the winter. In addition, making this vent ideal for low sloped or flat roofs. Constructed of heavy gauge, rust free aluminum.