Decorative Box gutters offer a modern and sleek appearance and are also functional and high capacity so relatively small profiles can be used to drain large areas of the roof compared to half-round gutter profiles. In addition to our range of box gutters, we offer a number of more decorative and traditional profiles, which is similar to a traditional box gutter with a clipped corner to soften the appearance.

A box gutter is used when drainage is required between two sections of the roof. They are not generally needed if the home allows for the typical “eaves” gutters along the external perimeter of the roof. Box gutters are more commonly used on flat and other more “complicated” roof designs. Box gutters collect rainwater and drain it via downpipe nozzles or via sumps and downpipes built into them. A well-designed box gutter will have falls along its length as well as sumps to collect water before it is fed into large drainpipes. It’s important that box gutters have an overflow facility, on the side or at the end, so that water will overflow externally to the building, rather than flood the roof cavity.